Monday, December 9, 2013

The Holidays

The holidays are among us...

This year, wrap all of your gifts in fabric and ask others to wrap gifts for you in fabric.  When the unwrapping is over, turn those fabric pieces into a quilt/blanket to keep you warm.  What an awesome idea and you have a great keepsake for years to come. 

This saves all of the paper and tape that would have gone into the trashcan.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Field Museum in Chicago

I recently got a wild hair to travel.  To travel in an Eco-friendly way I took a train from East Texas to Chicago!  20 hours on a train SUCKS, but when I finally arrived I visited the Field Museum and I was blown away!

I created this mini-collection from the Restoring Earth Exhibit.  I was able to see all types of species from the jungle, ways things were collected, and great conservation stories.  Please check out MY mini collection that I made in an interactive exhibit from within the museum.

The college I attended in Abilene (Hardin Simmons University) has a stuffed bird exhibit that was donated by a benefactor and I walked by it everyday for 4 years while I received my Biology degree.  When I visited the Field Museum, they had many of the same birds on display (plus many more) and they had them featured in their habitats in a few scenes, which was pretty cool!

Check out the video I made with my cell phone and please visit the Field Museum if you get the chance, there is LOTS more to see than what few clips I have posted here for you.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Earth Saving Tip

Okay, this wont save the earth, BUT it will help cut water usage and make your plants happier and healthier!

Today is Easter and MILLIONS of families are getting ready to dye Easter eggs.  Let's just say that 88 Million Families in the US (US alone) are going to boil their eggs in 1 gallon of water.  (Some will use less, some will use more)  What happens to this water when we are finished cooking the eggs?  Yep, it usually goes down the drain.  What if we used that water to water a house plant?  The dissolved calcium from the egg helps the plants stay healthy and fight off disease.  I've even been known to add a spoonful to my cat's watering dish to give him a dose of calcium. (he doesn't like milk)

BOOM!  And just like that, Americans can save close to 100 MILLION gallons of water in a single day!  Its worth thinking about!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grow your own food!

Growing your own food can be a great way to help the environment.  Since you are growing your own food, you wont have plastic packaging to discard, the food is not having to be shipped in which saves on fuel and greenhouse gases.  If you are growing a plant based food then you are also removing CO2 from the air.  Win-Win-Win

Here I tried a little experiment on growing my own sprouts!

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to recycle styrofoam

Styrofoam is a huge filler of landfills... It weighs nothing but takes up a lot of space, and does not compact well..... So I had to see what I could do about this....

Watch the video that I made where I fit roughly 20 gallons of styrofoam into 2 ice trays... Do you have any ideas on what products that could be made of this stuff? How can we reuse this? Comment or tweet me!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making the World Better

Yesterday I was a laundromat doing my laundry... I just moved and haven't purchased a washer and dryer yet. The closest laundromat is kind of in the ghetto of the town I'm in.

I had just walked in, put my clothes in the washer and started reading a book when this lady walked in and tried to pay for my laundry. (now, I don't need help paying for my laundry, I live in an upscale apartment complex, have an awesome career, and have an online business, I am not wanting). I respectfully declined and told her that my part could pay for someone that really needs it.
Turns out she was from a local church and every Saturday they choose a different laundromat and go around "blessing" people by paying for their laundry and being a concerned person to talk to.
A few minutes later a lady and her 2 kids (who you can tell had seen better times) walked in. She was at the coin changer when the church lady approached her, after a short conversation, the lady with the kids burst into tears because someone was trying to help her. It was only $10 but the thought was more impactful.
As a self proclaimed greenie, I am always trying to make the world better by using less or recycling. But sometimes it just takes $10 and an ear to make the world a better place.
When I was getting ready to go, I decided I would hang my clothes out to dry at home and gave the church lady the rest of my laundry money, hoping it positively affected someone else like I had seen earlier!
That is your mission today, make the world better, just by being a friend or a stranger that cares!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacationing the Earth Friendly Way

Just because you are going on vacation doesnt mean that all of your hard work to be earth friendly has to stop.

Before you leave:

Unplug your electronics. 
If you are not going to be home, you dont need your coffee pot, tv, dvd player, etc... plugged in.  These electronics are like energy vampires, sucking small amounts of electricity all day and all night long.

Pack Light: 
The lighter you pack the better, a lighter load on your vehicle means it has to work less to get your from point A to point B, thus requiring less fuel.

Pack Reusable Shopping Bags:
Most families like to go shopping while on vacation, use reusable shopping bags instead of getting plastic bags everywhere you go.

Check your thermostat and water heater:
Does it need to be set on 74 if you are not there? 
Are you going to need hot water in your home if you are on vacation?

While on vacation

Once you get to your hotel room, check your thermostat again, most that I go to are set on 69, I can comfortably make it higher to use less energy.

Use your reusable shopping bags

Use public transportation if possible, especially if you are new to the area.  If this is your first time in a new place, your are more likely to make a wrong turn, get lost, etc... wasting fuel.  If you are able to take public transportation and walk to your destination, it is much better for the environment.  Plus, taking public transit can be a big part of the actual vacation, I know when I get to New York, I want to take the Iconic Subway.

If you eat at fast food places while on vacation, go in and eat instead of taking the food again.  This way less packing material is used and it doesnt make its way to the landfill.  It would be even better to maybe find a local farmers market, and eat at one of the food booths there because the foot will have a smaller carbon footprint if the produce is sources locally!

All of these things can be done easily without affecting your vacation.  It will even help with your bills if you are able to cut energy usage at home when you are gone.

Do you have some tips: let me know in the comments section!